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Report on the situation
of eating disorders in sport around Europe

Partners have studied the situation of EDs around Europe through surveys directed to target groups (sport coaches, athletes, sport clubs, etc.), analysis of statistical data and review of the literature. As a result, they discovered higher risk disciplines and the most common EDs among athletes. In addition, they found out the gaps in the knowledge of sport coaches and families in this respect.   

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Booklet for Atlhletes and Families

[available from April 2024] The booklet is addressed to athletes and families. It includes contents, ideas, advice for athletes and families on eating disorders in the sport sector.

Map of European Resources
for Combating Eating Disorders

This is a digital map with all the available European Resources in relation to EDs.
This map works as an interactive platform in which you can look for the associations/entities closer to you that can offer some kind of support for people struggling with an ED.